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首款手机游戏的各项选型 画面/风格/素材 风格:手绘/像素风 画面:2D基准 部分3D特效调优 坚持每日一个手绘怪物 游戏类型 暗黑、地牢、Rougeli


ng2-universal基础 Github Design Doc Angular Universal In Practice - How to build SEO Friendly Single Page Apps with Angular 2 Universal Angular 2 Server Side Rendering for SEO & Crawl-Friendliness Modules Universal Manage your application lifecycle and serialize changes while on the server to be sent to the client. ionic2整


ng2-SEO优化简介 ng2应用实现seo优化的方式有多种 - universial 后端渲染 - php 后端模拟渲染 Blackstar CMS - ng2 技术选型 - angular-seed - typescript - HTML via HTTP - HTML via the Blackstar CMS JavaScript Client - .NET (ASP.NET


ionic命令行Generate体验总结 工具简述 Description Ionic now provides a generator function to create pages and services for your app. This makes going from a basic app to a full featured app with navigation much easier. To create a page you can use the following command: # ionic g page <PageName>


手机游戏客户端开发引擎调研 总览 | 对比类目 | Cocos2d-x | unity 3d | 结论 | | :——- | :——- | :——- | | 适用范围 | 手机端、2D | 全平台、2D/3D | unity 3d | | 学习难度 | 对C


HTML5游戏客户端开发引擎调研 Phaser.js Egret(HTML5+ES6最佳选择) Egret现在是小孩,眉目清秀 代表游戏 神经猫 优点 生态链比较完善


#Error: EACCES, permission denied ‘/root/.config/configstore/insight-yo.json’ When I try to run: yo meanjs, I got the error: Error: EACCES, permission denied ‘/root/.config/configstore/insight-yo.json’ You don’t have access to this file. It seems that ‘/root/.config/configstore/insight-yo.yml’ does not exist at all ##Solution: I find the solution here: run the command below fix my problem: mkdir -p /root/.config/configstore chmod g+rwx /root /root/.config /root/.config/configstore chmod g+rwx ~/.npm -R chmod g+rwx <workspace> -R