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0.Short Intro. our team using the similar stack with lean. Front-End: Desktop: Electron Mobile: Ionic + Cordova Plugin Design Material-Design for Angularjs’s Desktop apps. Ionic-Material for Angularjs’s Mobile apps. Back-End Laravel for normal HTTP REST API. Golang for Internet of Thing’s Socket API & our Gis System. RAML for generating SDK files both of front/back-end. Admiring that RAML1.0 is comming. Database Postgresql(for gis) we like it very much. MongoDB(for user


序言:战争从未改变 War,War Never changes 关键字:战争 信息时代 War. War Never changes. 战争从来就没有变过 the romans waged war to gather slaves and wealth. spain built an empire from its lust for gold and territory. hitler shaped a battered germany into an economic superpower.